Optimizing Health Through Nutrition

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Meet Jessica

Animal Nutritionist

Jessica was born and raised in Illinois. She grew up on a small hobby farm with chickens, pigs and of course her beloved horses. Even as a young girl the health of her animals was always a top priority. When she graduated high school she turned her sights on becoming a veterinarian.


She gained her bachelors in Animal Science from Southern Illinois University in Carbondale. During her studies, her passion for horses continued and she took extra classes in equine science, including an animal nutrition course. Suddenly the study of animal nutrition seemed just as important as veterinary science. She realized how the two studies were dependent on each other to create an overall optimal health approach to animal care.


What services do we offer?

Equine Nutrition

Beef/Dairy Nutrition

Forage Evaluation


Canine Nutrition


Feline Nutrition

Three Horses

Science based nutritional advice to help clarify the confusing world of animal nutrition.

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Online Consultation

Contact me for an online consultation. There is no time limit as we discuss your animals current situation, what you your goals are, and how to get the most out of your animals health.