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Wholesome Turkey Delight

Welcome to our kitchen, where we're whipping up a tail-wagging treat for your four-legged friend! This homemade dog recipe combines common Thanksgiving foods to create a meal that will have your pup licking their chops.


Step aside, traditional dog food—today, we're diving into the world of canine culinary delight with a Thanksgiving-inspired feast that will have your pup doing the happy dance! Picture this: succulent turkey, wholesome veggies, and a touch of cranberry to add that extra flair. We've crafted a canine-friendly Thanksgiving meal that not only mimics the flavors of the season but also brings joy to your fur baby's taste buds. It's like hosting a Thanksgiving feast just for them, complete with a tail-wagging parade of flavors. So, grab a chef's hat (or paw, if your pup is feeling adventurous), and let's create a meal that turns every day into a holiday for your furry friend! 🦃🐾

Before going any further please be sure to read my article on how to properly prepare a homemade meal for your dog.

This diet is made for healthy adult dogs. If your dog is pregnant, lactating, growing or has any health conditions please contact me for a customized diet.

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