Meet Jessica

Animal Nutritionist

Jessica was born and raised in Illinois. She grew up on a small hobby farm with chickens, pigs and of course her beloved horses. Even as a young girl the health of her animals was always a top priority. When she graduated high school she turned her sights on becoming a veterinarian.


She gained her Bachelors in Animal Science from Southern Illinois University in Carbondale. During her studies, her passion for everything animals continued and she took extra classes in equine and ruminate science, including an animal nutrition course. Suddenly the study of animal nutrition seemed just as important as veterinary science. She realized how the two studies were dependent on each other to create an overall optimal health approach to animal care.

With her interest in nutrition sparked, Jessica applied to Illinois State University where she was accepted into their masters program. She concentrated her studies on beef nutrition specifically in feedlots. After graduating she began her nutritional career formulating mineral for all agricultural animals. This allowed her to gain a broad


insight into the manufacturing and formulation of different products. Wanting to be more hands on in her nutritional support, she started to go on farm to help troubleshoot nutritional problems. After 4 years concentrating on beef nutrition Jessica felt the need to expand her knowledge and started balancing diets for dairies in the area. 

Jessica created her own dairy consulting business where she spent 4 years consulting with producers to create the best environment for their cows to perform in. While she grew her knowledge in the dairy and beef industry she was always learning about equine nutrition in the background. Reading every article and book she could find on the subject. As her own horses, that she had owned since childhood, were starting to age, and their nutritional requirements were becoming more complicated. The world of supplements was overwhelming. Which product was right and effective for what her individual horse needed? She realized she was becoming her own equine nutrition consultant. She also realized as she started to discuss more with others in the equine industry that there was a lot of people looking for guidance on this subject. So when life took a unexpected turn and Jessica moved to Houston Texas, she felt it was time to branch out and dive into equine nutrition. Living close to a big city she also saw a need for canine and feline nutrition. In August of 2022 Jessica started a online certification course through Southern Illinois University in Carbondale and once complete will start offering consultations for cats and dogs as well.

Jessica's goals are to educate owners and producers and provide the absolute best information so they can make informed decisions on the health of their animals.